Use of Personal Information

Personal information is considered information granted by Customer and/or Participant about the Course Participant. VIKING never collects and stores personal information unless it is provided to VIKING when a Customer or Participant is registering on the training platform with the aim of buying and attending Courses.

The data is collected for VIKING to manage business and relationships with Customers, Participants and VIKING employees. VIKING will use the information to improve Services and/or Courses to Customer and Participant as well as in the deliveries of Courses provided via the training platform and the training Academies. Improvement of Services and Courses may include studies and analyses along with displaying content and advertising that are modified to Customer and Participant interests. Data may also be collected to comply with current laws, and to resolve any legal and/or commercial matters or disputes.

For Course deliveries, personal information is collected on the training platform or directly by the Academies, whereas VIKING will be using the information for the following purposes;

  • Full name: Personal identifier for Course enrolment and certificates
  • Address: Delivery address for certificates that need to be send
  • E-mail: For Course enrolment and information
  • Date of Birth: Personal identifier and certificate information
  • Employment: For payment, certificate copies, notifications to employer

Access to Personal Data

All personal data is stored in a closed system with limited access. Only the specific Customer and/or Participant and VIKING Course administrators, facilitators and internal IT developers have access to personal data on the training platform. Personal information is not distributed in the VIKING organization or disclosed to third parties without Customer consent. Disclosure to third parties will only be carried out if there is a specific and legitimate reason, such as registration to Maritime Authorities and the central register of OPITO.

If Customer and/or Participant wants access to the personal information collected from Customer and/or Participant by VIKING, please contact VIKING at or phone +45 76 11 81 00. If there is false data or Customer and/or Participant has other objections, please feel free to contact VIKING at the previously stated email and phone number. Customer and/or Participant will be able to review the information collected and can log any objections with VIKING in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation. The previous stated will also apply if the Customer and/or the Participant wants to withdraw consent. If so, all data will be deleted or made anonymous according to the General Data Protection Regulation act. NB. In case of withdrawal of data consent, the access to VIKING services will be limited or unavailable.

Data Protection

In accordance to General Data Protection Regulation, personal information is kept secure and confidential. VIKING store your information on servers with limited access and are located in controlled facilities. VIKING’s security is checked regularly to determine if Customer’s and/or Participant’s information is being properly managed while bearing in mind Customer’s and/or Participant’s rights as a user. However, VIKING cannot guarantee 100 percent security of the transmissions conducted over the Internet. This means that there can be a risk of an unauthorized party gaining access to Customer’s personal information and data as it is being sent and stored electronically between the user and VIKING servers. Therefore, submit personal information at own risk. Personal information is deleted or made anonymous continuously as necessary. Personal information is stored as long as a personal profile is active on the training platform. Once the profile is discontinued or the user has not accessed the platform for five (5) years, the data will be deleted. The termination point is based on the Course and certificate validity.
The rapid pace of the Internet means that VIKING policies regarding the processing of personal data can be amended when necessary. VIKING reserve the right to update and amend the guidelines for the handling of personal information.

VIKING Follows the General Data Protection Regulation as a minimum requirement for GDPR standards based on EU-law, worldwide.

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