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The purpose of the OODTP training program and a ssessment for DC Coxswain s is to maintain and develop the candidate’s skills, knowledge and understanding in the role of ERRV Daughter Craft Coxswain at the workplace.


To maintain and re new the OODTP certification, individuals will continuously maintain and log practical and theoretical training onboard the ERRV . Every third year the maintained skill set will be assessed by an occupationally competent assessor.


To successfully pass the assessment , the participant must be able to: • Prepare, launch and recover the daughter craft • Maneuver the daughter craft in transit • Respond to alarms • Follow correct radio procedures and maintain effective communications • Recover and transfer a casualty to the ERRV • Identify hazards and actions to be taken in the event of capsizing • Explain or demonstrate use of position finding devices, GPS and radar.

Target group

Personnel who wish to maintain their OPITO Certificate of Competence for their nominated ERRV role as DC coxswain.

Practical Info


Items to bring

Evidence that the OODTP programme has been followed.


The participant should be medically fit for attending the course.




5 hours.




A valid OPITO Daughter Craft (DC) Coxswain training certificate. To be considered part of the Ongoing Onboard Development and Training Programme (OODTP), an individual must have successfully met all the performance criteria for their discipline at least twice during the preceding three years.


OPITO endorsed certificate.


According to OPITO revalidation must be carried out every 3 years.

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